Grow Outside C.I.C. is a mobile social and therapeutic horticulture project where people can work and learn in a calm and stress-free environment, through gardening and outdoor craft activities.


Social and therapeutic horticulture

In some parts of the UK gardening is being prescribed by GPs to help keep people active and improve their sense of wellbeing; in the longer term these eco- and horticultural therapies can help to reduce peoples' need to see a doctor as well as providing a range of health benefits. Social isolation is also reduced through working outdoors and with others.


  • Improve people's quality of life; though providing space to socialise, learn, relax and develop skills for employment

  • Increase access to the natural environment

  • Provide people with skills to grow and work outdoors and with their hands

  • Produce evidence of positive outcomes

  • Support individuals to develop confidence and promote participation